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This project unites two old flats with the insertion of full height vertical mid plan space: a new stair rises through three new minor levels that shape this new tall atrium and link into the two main previous floor levels, these made modern. Sunlight beams diagonally into the lower, previously shaded north spaces. The new interior staircase in plywood starts as white squared boxes then passes through a subnine that cantilevers out, connecting the interior levels, through a series of differently figured spaces. This glances at a coffered wooden with steel ceiling, the floor on which then leads across the upper floor over a bridge-like structure traversing the tall atrium. The exterior remains true to its era, but once inside the apartment, the modern sensibility is undeniable. It's a mix of a minimal aesthetic with industrial touches. This project demonstrates that it is possible to respect and celebrate the good bones of traditional spaces while creating rooms with an innovative forward focus.